Mach 1 Machinery 3rd Party Credit Application

Mach 1 Machinery
3rd Party Credit Application

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By completing and submitting this online credit application, you agree that this credit application, including all of the provisions in these terms and conditions is an electronic credit application being submitted to GE Financial Services, LLC to the same extent as if you had executed this credit application using your written signature. By clicking the ‘Send’ button, you agree that we, our affiliates, agents, and service providers (our “representatives”) may monitor and record telephone calls regarding your account for service quality and other reasons. You also expressly consent that we and/or our representatives may, using written, electronic, and verbal means, contact you as the law allows. Furthermore The undersigned individual as principal of and/or guarantor for the applicant, authorizes GE Financial Services, LLC , its designee, assigns or potential assigns, to review his/her personal credit profile provided by national credit bureaus in considering this application and for the purpose of the update, renewal or extension of credit to the applicant or the collection of any resultant accounts. Permission is hereby granted to correspond with either party via facsimile, email, verbal or any common means of delivery. A fax, email or photocopy of this authorization shall be valid as the original.


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