General Financial engages in a broad spectrum of financial services. Each transaction is uniquely structured to ensure the most cost-effective method to attain the desired outcome. We constantly introduce new financial products to connect with evolving businesses needs. With our portfolio funds and lines of capital, we match customers’ financial needs to improve their productivity.

We use carefully selected channels to assist in transactions that may not meet “standard” requirements. We can mitigate risks to handle a wide spectrum of credit variables. Whether your business has a strong borrowing history or is recovering from a late payment, we can approve most transactions.
Each transaction is structured to offer the most cost effective method to acquire necessary equipment, expand the business or consolidate debt. We specialize in:
  • Equipment Financing and Leasing
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Supply Chain or Trade Finance
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Our History

General Financial has been providing financial services throughout the United States since 1987.
Utilize decades of experience in structuring successful financial solutions to increase your bottom line.
Over 81% of customers return to do business with us again. We invite you to learn firsthand why this happens year after year.
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Our customer satisfaction and high approval ratios have earned us the reputation as a leader in the finance and leasing industry.

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